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Who We Are 

Kilipaper is a part of Kiviwama, a community based organization in Moshi in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Kiviwama was founded in 1999 to conserve the Njoro Juu Spring, the water source for twelve villages in the lowland dry area of Moshi's rural district.  But the spring is only a small part of Kiviwama's mission: as an indigenous tree nursery, Kiviwama fosters Tanzania's conservation efforts by planting trees in deforested areas around Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Kilipaper uses local labor and resources to produce hand-made, sustainable paper products to fund Kiviwama's conservation projects.  Please take a tour of our site to find out what Kiviwama and Kilipaper are doing for local communities in Tanzania today!

Impatiens Kilimanjari

Secretary General Samweli A. Mochiwa

Plot No. 324, Njoro Juu Spring

Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

255 343 634

What We Do 


Kilipaper makes and sells natural paper products through a sustainable process that uses no fossil fuels, leaves no waste and uses no artificial ingredients.

Kilipaper provides funding for Kiviwama to make possible its conservation efforts, both at Njoro Juu Spring and around the broader Kilimanjaro region. 



Kilipaper provides jobs to members of local poor communities, in particular women.

Kilipaper provides small businesses inside and outside the country with raw materials for paper.

Kilipaper works with artists to produce and exhibit artwork using banana fiber and sustainably produced paper.



Kilpaper educates the public in Tanzania, through schools and in poor communities, on how to make paper as a means to reduce poverty in Tanzania.

Kilipaper is working to establish a demonstration farm that displays different trees useful in making paper or conserving water sources, as a means to raise awareness of conservation efforts within the Kilimanjaro region.